With an extensive experience in the design of specific naval vessels, MAURIC has designed naval solutions for Training at sea. This kind of vessel totally meets the needs of Naval Forces for various trainings: search and rescue, helo operations, diving missions and so on.

Because of the variety of missions of naval forces, this kind of boat shall be polyvalent but also easy to operate and to maintain. The flexibility and operability of our designs are key characteristics for training vessels that provide safety at sea during training sessions. Our philosophy of customization of the designs allows us to proposing Training Vessel designs perfectly adapte to the requirements of navies and armed forces at sea.

We delivered a specific design of 23m Training Vessel for the French Navy built in Aluminium and able to reach a maximum speed of 17 knots. The high level of seakeeping performances makes these vessels good candidates for training sessions without affecting the comfort and operability of the crew and training operators. Our capacity to easily integrate operational specifications of navies for their training vessel allows us to propose cost-effective, innovative and safe solutions.

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