System Integration

System Integration

MAURIC offers System Integration services to ship owners and equipment suppliers from ship survey expertise, detailed engineering studies up to complet project contracting.

As the vessel and its systems are nowadays more and more complex, integration of new equipment on board without impact on the vessel’s performances or its safety becomes one significant activity of MAURIC’s team.

Thanks to his strong know-how in shipbuilding and experienced team, MAURIC provides System Integration services, in order to study and conduct projects of integration of major equipment on board existing naval and professional vessels.

Upgrading a crane, adding a deck equipment or updating communications or weapon systems on board a vessel is not an easy project as it is necessary to check that the performance of the vessel will not be reduced (stability, seakeeping, speed, etc.) and to ensure to the owner that the new equipment will be fully operational at sea. As a consequence, our team studies not only how to modify the vessel for her new system but also guarantees that the modified vessel will still match with the owner’s requirement about its operability and reliability. We rely for this activity on our competences in naval architecture and marine engineering but also on network of partners for specific works.

A true value-added service for shipowners and equipment suppliers, by MAURIC.

The System Integration Services of MAURIC can allow us to provide to shipowners or equipment suppliers a team of experienced supervisors and project managers. They have the skills and tools to make ship surveys (and even proceed to 3D scan of existing equipment or ship’s structure), evaluate the configurations and then manage the project from the design phase to the specifications of tasks, schedule management, tests and delivery of the work. Our scope of supply can vary from detailed engineering studies up to complete project contracting depending on our customers’ requirements.

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