With the design of JANUS survey catamaran delivered to COMEX company in 1999, MAURIC introduced the semi-swath hull form technology, and became one of the world pioneers for the design of survey vessel based on catamaran hull forms.

Either for the Oil and Gas offshore industry, the scientific organization or nowadays for the Marine Renewable energy sector, MAURIC offers an alternative to conventional mono-hull vessels to customers who are looking for efficient, safe and cost-effective solutions. The choice of the catamaran hull form, provides large deck areas and exceptional stability allowing safe and rapid launch and recovery of various survey or scientific equipment, ROV or unmanned systems such as AUV or USV. The integration of the semi-SWATH hull-form concept in MAURIC designs provide additional operability of our catamaran survey solution by increasing significantly its seakeeping performances: the survey operations can be continued by higher sea-states and weather conditions than conventional survey of the same size. By integrating powerful and smart propulsion configuration allowing efficient Dynamic Positioning and Track-Keeping navigation, MAURIC offers highly efficient and polyvalent solutions for all the operations of pipe survey, sea-bed mapping, sub-aquatic archology, hydrography, oceanography...

These unmatched seaworthiness performances significantly improve comfort onboard for the survey operators. Like for the other MAURIC solutions, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the aft working deck and accommodation providing safety and comfort to the crew in working areas and in living quarters and survey labs.

MAURIC sea-proven solutions for semi-SWATH survey catamaran like the SURVEY CAT 280 delivered to BIBBY HYDROMAP make your survey or scientific operations safer, quicker and more profitable.


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