Survey Cat 290
Survey Cat 290

Survey Cat 290

SURVEY CAT 290 is a sea proven full aluminium semi-SWATH catamaran operating in the Mediterranean Sea and dedicated to survey and scientific missions on coastal areas. Based on MAURIC’s expertise in the semi-SWATH hull form design, SURVEY CAT 290 has been designed to optimize its seakeeping and manoeuvrability performances during survey operations. This vessel has been designed to offer all the equipement and accommodations needed by the scientifics : wheelhouse, survey laboratories, strengthened aft deck, moon-pool and A-frame. All these features makes her a polyvalent multi-mission but cost-effective solution for coastal survey.

  • Vessel Type:                 Survey Vessel
  • Loa:                                28.5 m
  • Max speed:                   11.5 kts
  • Cruising speed:            10 kts
  • Endurance:                    5000 nm @ 10 kts
  • Crew/Specialists:         16 pers.

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