MAURIC has designed several Stand-by Vessels for Pilot operations or guard and salvage operations around Oil & Gas platforms. MAURIC Stand-by vessels are totally designed to provide an excellent seakeeping and to be operated in high sea states.

Since 1990’s MAURIC has developed hull forms specially designed for high sea keeping performances: thanks to R&D projects development and after building several ships, MAURIC has now acquired a large and specific know-how for the design of Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulls (SWATH). In the last 10 years, new concepts of Small Waterplane Single Hull (SWASH) have been also developed and experimented by MAURIC and are now sea-proven for various applications: Stand-by vessels but also Buoy-tenders, Passengers vessels, etc.

Thanks to this background, MAURIC can provide sea-proven design of Stand-By rescue vessels with various hull types (Monohull, catamarans, trimarans). They can be optimized according to the Owner’s requirement and completely tailor-made through their shape, hull form, propulsion, engine, equipment. MAURIC Stand-by Pilot vessels are distinctive by their good operability and sea keeping by high sea states. They can provide standby but also be required for rescue & emergency operations.

They are also designed for Launch and Recovery of Pilot boats, crew transfer workboats or rescue boats. Launch and recovery operations can be done by side davits or aft ramps, depending on the type of missions, owner’s requirements and operating profile. Whatever the Launch and Recovery System, it is always designed by MAURIC with the objective of providing maximum safety to the operators.


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