Ship Performance Assessment

Ship Performance Assessment

MAURIC proposes Ship Performance Assessment services with the aim to guarantee the operability of the vessel in various conditions, optimize performances, thanks to calculations, numerical simulations, model tests and sea trials analysis.

Thanks to its own package of tools and experienced hydrodynamics engineers, MAURIC is able to calculate and test the ship performances of the vessel at each stage of the project.

Indeed, our company has its own calculation and testing systems: MAURIC is equipped with its own super-calculator for numerical simulation and uses CFD software NUMECA FineMARINETM which enables to calculate accurately the hull’s hydrodynamic resistance in calm waters and by head waves. Our experienced engineers can also calculate the efficiency parameters of the hull and propulsors and propose innovative solutions of propulsion packages with the aim to always find the best solution regarding the operating profile of the vessel. During the project, our team can also manage the model tests, from the writing of tests specifications to the analysis of the results, in close cooperation with the technicians in charge of the tests. We also have seakeeping software allowing first estimation of ship’s motion performances and optimization of hull forms.

MAURIC is also capable of providing sea trials performances assessment in order to confirm the performances at sea.

During the contractual sea trials or even many years after the construction of the vessel, our team can carry out sea trial tests on board. MAURIC can measure speed, seakeeping and manoeuvrability in real state conditions...thanks to powerful tools (MAURIC owns an inertial measurement unit) and a strong know-how that allows having accurate data. After the completion of these tests, MAURIC can confirm the ship performance in comparison with the initial calculations and if necessary propose improvement solutions.

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