SAR BOAT 155 is a high-speed patrol and search and rescue boat with an aluminium hull and FRP superstructures for coastal and riverine operations thanks to its shallow draft. Based on MAURIC’s extensive knowhow in the design of SAR boats, MAURIC SAR BOAT 155 operates efficiently and safely by any sea state thanks to its excellent seakeeping, self-righting and unsinkable characteristics. This sea-proven and cost-effective design is already in operations off the Spanish, Moroccan and Cape Verde coasts and offers great manoeuvrability, operability and reliability to lifeguards, coastguards or police for Search and Rescue or patrol operations.

  • Vessel Type :         Search and Rescue Boat
  • Loa:                         15.70 m
  • Max speed:            30 kts
  • Cruising speed:     28 kts
  • Capacity:                2/4 crew + 12 castaways
  • Specificities:          Self-righting & unsinkable

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