Considering that about 90% of the goods transported around the world are delivered by ship and with a global economy expanding, the sector of maritime transport is a key market for MAURIC. To offer to shipowners the solutions for their future markets, MAURIC proposes modern and innovative cargo vessel designs based on mature technology and equipment.

This new range of vessel for MAURIC benefits from the latest maritime technology developments to offer cost efficient and reliable designs compliant with the existing and future regulations. While environmental regulations are driving the industry towards new standards, we tend to focus our development on eco-friendly designs allowing reducing the fossil fuels consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases while providing reliable, high quality and competitive solutions to shipowners. Neoliner, the 136m sailing Ro-Ro Cargo project is one example of our involvement in the development of wind powered shipping solutions.

Our Ro-Ro cargo vessel solution, a tailor-made solution specifically developed in close collaboration with the shipowner, NEOLINE company, for a given shipping route illustrates our capacity to design large Ro-Ro cargo vessels integrating specific but typical components of Ro-ro vessels such as hoistable decks, low-speed engines, diesel electric propulsion configuration and auxiliary propulsion package, large deck and mooring equipment. We pay special attention to the safety of your crew during cargo handling operations and transit navigation, and we put all our efforts in optimizing the hull efficiency to minimize the hydrodynamic resistance while complying with stability regulation.

Because your client are looking for environmentally-friendly transport services and to comply with future stringent regulations, we are also able to propose LNG propulsion alternative. If you have a RO-RO cargo vessel project, MAURIC can propose you a tailor-made green, safe, reliable and cost efficient design to start your business.


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