Ropax 400 is a 40m steel and aluminium RoRo Passenger Vessel adapted to tourists and commuters for daily transport of passengers and vehicles. Based on MAURIC’s extensive knowhow in the design of Passenger VesselRopax 400 and her optimized hull form enables exceptional seakeeping performances even by high sea states. This vessel is currently operated in Azores islands and has been designed to improve accessibility, safety and comfort for the 333 passengers onboard. We're able to customize your Ropax project based on this sea-proven and cost-effective design to meet your operational specifications and the local regulations.

  • Vessel Type :           Ro-Ro & Passenger Vessel
  • Loa:                           40.00 m
  • Max speed:              16 kts
  • Cruising speed:       14 kts
  • Capacity:                  333 passengers + 8 cars

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