Research & Technology

Research & Technology

Since its founding in 1945, MAURIC is at the forefront of innovation in Naval Architecture and Ship Technology.

MAURIC is involved in Research and Development since its creation by André Mauric, the well-known naval architect and sailor.

André Mauric was highly passionate by both sailing yachts and fast patrol boats and thanks to long time of drawing and experiencing of new solution, the naval architect founded new ship design concepts enabling better performances, speed and seakeeping. He always mixed creation and design with a scientific approach of the projects. That’s why he won many regattas and was awarded by the Architecture Academy. When the time of the retirement arrived in the 80’s he succeeded in leaving his creative and researcher DNA in the company, that is always at the forefront of innovation.

Since, we’re still involved in research programs, linked either to Ship Performance Assessment or Ship Design. During the past decades, numbers of Research & Development financed programs have been led by MAURIC’s team such as ARPEGE, SOS STABILITE, OPTIPECHE, SHYPER,…,working on solutions to improve seakeeping, stability, safety at sea... related to naval, passenger, inland or fishing vessels. Our engineers and naval architects are always looking for new challenges to improve their skills and to create new concepts of performant vessels.

MAURIC team can be involved in designing new ship design concepts, evaluating new materials and technologies to create solutions ahead of the demand (LNG bunkering vessel, hybrid ships, new type of trawlers, SWATH or SWASH, etc...).

Our three main axes of development are:

  • Hydrodynamics, with the development of innovative hull form concepts, hull form optimization, using experimental or numerical tools,

  • Propulsion and energy systems for vessels, with works on gas fuelled vessels, hydrogen fuelled vessels, hybrid vessels, Zero-Emission vessels such as SHYPER for hydrogen fuelled fishing vessels or SHERPAZ collaborative development of LNG bunkering vessels,

  • Smart and autonomous ships with the development of automatization on board professional and naval vessels, the integration of autonomous systems and unmaned vehicles on board, and the design of autonomous vessels and naval unmaned vehicles, in particular with ECA GROUP.

The aim of MAURIC is to continue research and development in Naval Architecture and Ship Technology for safer, greener, efficient and more economic vessels meeting future needs of shipowners.

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