MAURIC is well known all around Mediterranean sea for the quality of the design of its Tuna Purse Seiners. Dedicated to coastal or oceanic fishing, MAURIC’s purse seiner designs offer the best compromise for high capacity and high speed thanks to a true expertise in the development of semi-displacement hull forms.

Developing purse seiner designs for more than 35 years, MAURIC has an extensive range of designs from 25m up to 50m in steel, aluminium and composite materials. Initially developed on the basis of fast craft hull form, MAURIC specific purse seiner hull forms provide stability, seakeeping performances and fuel efficiency at high speed in both lightship and full load conditions. Combined with two shaft lines propulsion configurations, purse seiner hull form with specific MAURIC bulbous bow allows reaching 20 knots max speed (light ship).

Our designs can include an aft ramp for the launch and recovery of fishing skiffs, and large fish hold capacity is optimized in a given ship’s length (up to 250m3 on board our 42m) and a given tonnage. Our modern designs allow integrating comfortable living quarters for the captain and the crew with low level of noise of vibration. The 360deg wheelhouse allows captain supervising all the fishing operations on the aft working deck. Moreover, the ergonomics of the aft deck has to ensure the safety of the fishermen.

MAURIC offers customized and polyvalent solutions to shipowners with its new Polyvalent Fishing Catamaran 180 adapted to multipurpose fishing with seine / longline and fishing light attractor techniques. Our purse seiner designs constitute modern, safe, reliable and profitable solutions for ship owners looking for high quality vessels.


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