Polyvalent fishing Cat 180 is a 18m Polyvalent Fishing Vessel built in GRP. This vessel is an innovative and polyvalent fishing vessel designed to be able to carry out different fishing techniques such as seine, longline and fishing light attractor techniques. The choice for catamaran hull form combined with asymmetric superstructures provide a large aft deck area. Optimized hull form design with T-foil provides excellent seakeeping, high speed and reduced fuel consumption when transiting to fishing area or coming back to harbour. The stability of the platform and the ergonomic design of aft deck allows improving the safety of the crew on board. With this innovative but sea-proven design, with four units in operation, MAURIC proposes a new concept of safe, reliable and more profitable polyvalent fishing vessel dedicated to day trips. MAURIC can customize this sea-proven design to meet your specific needs and fishing techniques. 

  • Vessel Type :           Fishing Vessel
  • Loa:                           17.95 m
  • Max speed:              21 kts
  • Cruising speed:       18 kts
  • Crew:                         10 pers.
  • Fish box Capacity:   20m2 / 5T

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