PATROL BOAT 280 is a 28m full aluminium patrol boat with exceptional seakeeping performances and long endurance capability. Designed for French customs, for patrol and surveillance missions of EEZ area, she is able to carry a 10 pers crew + 2 special personnel for elongated missions at sea thanks to its large living quarters and the asymmetric superstructures. Her hull form has been optimized for good seakeeping at cruising and low speed ensuring good comfort for the crew, good operability with safe launch and recovery of 6.5m fast intervention RHIB using the heave compensated davit. This sea-proven and cost-effective design operated in Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean offers great manoeuvrability, operability and reliability to its shipowners.

  • Vessel Type:             Coastal Patrol Vessel
  • Loa:                            28.10 m
  • Cruising speed:        18 kts
  • Max speed:               22 kts
  • Endurance:               720 nm @ 18 kts
  • Crew:                         10 + 2

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