SAR BOAT 220 is a full aluminium high-speed patrol boat adapted to patrol and search and rescue missions. Based on MAURIC’s extensive knowhow in the design of SAR boats, MAURIC SAR BOAT 220 has been designed to maintain high speed by high sea-states thanks to its Deep-Vee hull form and its FPP propulsion. Its large 360deg wheelhouse facilitates the search and rescue operations and the supervision of the fast launch and recovery operations of the 3.5m RHIB from the stern ramp. This sea-proven and cost-effective design is already in operations off the coasts of Angola and offers great efficiency and reliability to lifeguards, coastguards or police for Search and Rescue or patrol operations.

  • Vessel Type :           Search and Rescue / Fast Patrol Boat
  • Loa:                           22.50 m
  • Max speed:              35 kts
  • Cruising speed:       15 kts
  • Capacity:                  4 crew + 20 castaways
  • Specificity:               360° raised wheelhouse

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