SAR BOAT 200 is an aluminium and steel high-speed SAR boat adapted to patrol, and search and rescue missions. MAURIC SAR BOAT 200 has been designed for lifeguards, customs and police force. Even interception missions can be handle with this boat, thanks to the fast launch and recovery RHIB, and the optional machine-gun. The specificities of this vessel are also the self-righting 180° positive stability, the unsinkable characteristics (foam filled compartments) and excellent seakeeping performances.

  • Vessel Type :           Search and Rescue / Fast Patrol Boat
  • Loa:                           20.9 m
  • Max speed:              30 kts
  • Cruising speed:       15 kts
  • Capacity:                  4 crew + 20 castaways
  • Specificity:               360° raised deck

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