MAURIC is involved in the design of various types of Passenger Vessel, from conventional ones, to Hybrid Pax, Ropax or Sailing Pax. Our large range of Passenger Vessels (Pax) and Fast Passenger Vessel (Fast Pax) is fully adapted to inland water and seagoing transport in coastal areas.

Our strong experience in designing fast crafts and planning hull forms allow us to offer tailor-made solutions to shipowners for public transport or private cruises in protected or urban areas. Either for tourist or commuters our designs offer high level of comfort thanks to the general arrangement and the hull form seakeeping quality. Our designs have various options to create tailor made solutions for every water journey: heating or air conditioning, audio/video system, first class saloon or simple and robust seating, noise and vibration insulation of passenger saloon thanks to the integration of passenger saloon on elastic mounts.

MAURIC’s range of passenger vessels is constituted by sea-proven vessels from 25 to 39 meters long, built in GRP and Aluminium and are able to reach a top speed of 30 kts for the Fast Pax variants, and to welcome up to 290 passengers.

Based on our sea proven designs, we can create a tailor-made Passenger Vessel or Fast Passenger Vessel meeting your requirements in terms of passenger’s capacities, length, material, speed, equipment and special features. Our engineers and architects have as priorities the accessibility, the comfort and the safety on board. In order to achieve this goal, we ensure an excellent sea keeping by various sea states, a high accessibility to disabled persons, and a minimum wake generation for vessel operating in inland waters or riverine areas thanks to optimized hull form using CFD techniques. More environmentally friendly solutions are proposed in our Hybrid Passenger Vessel page.


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