Offshore Survey Vessels are complex vessels with highly sophisticated equipment on board to reach a high level of operability. Either for the Oil and Gas offshore industry, scientific organizations or nowadays for the Marine Renewable energy sector, MAURIC offers efficient and polyvalent multi-mission Offshore Survey Vessel designs capable to operate safely and efficiently in offshore environment.

The know-how of MAURIC for the design of tailor-made vessels perfectly fit with the request from ship operators for Offshore Survey Vessels. Operating in offshore conditions, our designs benefit from our experience in the design of performing hull-form for high level of seakeeping and fuel efficiency. Some of our designs, such as the Multi-mission 450 benefits from the semi-SWATH hull form technology, providing exceptional seakeeping performances and improving the operability of the vessel and comfort on board. The launch and recovery of survey or scientific equipment is made easier and safer thanks to the limited motions and accelerations of the vessel in comparison with similar vessels of the same size.

Manoeuvrability and Fuel consumption are also optimized for MAURIC Offshore Survey Vessels, thanks to a choice of propulsion packages allowing Dynamic Positioning and Track-Keeping navigation. General arrangement of our designs can be customized to the number of crew and scientific personal to accommodate, to the type of labs to integrate and the type of survey or scientific equipment to operate from the vessel: side scan sonars, multibeam sonar, unmanned vehicles and ROV. Like for the other MAURIC solutions, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the aft working deck and accommodation providing safety and comfort to the crew in working areas and in living quarters and survey labs.  

MAURIC sea-proven solutions for Offshore Survey Vessels offers great safety, flexibility and operability for optimizing your campaigns at sea.


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