MAURIC has developed over the years a wide range of sea-proven Offshore Patrol Vessels designed for a large variety of tasks such as Surveillance and Protection, border control and Search and Rescue operationsOPV type of vessel is nowadays considered by various actors of the security and safety at sea such as Naval forces, Coast Guards, Life Guards, or private security companies as polyvalent and multi-mission assets. The states are facing new maritime security threats (piracy, smuggling, terrorism, human trafficking…) requiring surveillance and protection of large areas with permanence at sea. OPV is a vessel type allowing reducing the acquisition and maintenance costs in comparison with corvettes and can also be operated by a relatively limited crew.

MAURIC has a long-standing experience in designing Patrol Vessels as André Mauric, the founder of the company, initiated MAURIC activity around the design of Fast Patrols and professional vessels in 1945. Since then, MAURIC has continued to develop a specific know-how for this kind of vessel, renowned for their operability thanks to the quality of the hull form design and the versatility and flexibility of their general arrangement.

Our OPV solutions are completely tailor-made to our customers’ requirements (equipment, crew capacity, endurance, speed) from sea-proven hull form and concepts or created from the shipowner specifications. They are configurable with various weapons, communication and surveillance systems. MAURIC Offshore Patrol Vessels, like Coastal Patrol Vessels and Fast Patrol Boats, are particularly performing by their high manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency adaptability and exceptional seakeeping performances by high speed and high sea states. The comfort of the accommodation onboard is also a notable quality. Special focus is paid to the ergonomic of main deck for launch and recovery operations of fast RHIBs, unmanned surface vehicles (USV) or helo operations. We also developed specific OPV designs dedicated to the deployment of unmanned vehicles (USV, AUV, UAV) systems, either for MCM (UMISTM MCM naval drones system from ECA GOUP), surveillance or hydrography missions: OCTOPODA. OCTOPODA 500 is a 50m OPV designed with the objective of optimizing the integration of UxV on board to facilitate the launch and recovery, mission preparation and handling of UxV by high sea states. With OCTOPODA, MAURIC is ready to deliver the OPV of the future!


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