NEOLINER 136m: a cargo ship powered by Wind!

Maritime Services & Transport
Maritime Services & Transport
07th December 2018
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MAURIC is in charge of designing an innovative Sailing cargo vessel for the French Owner NEOLINE SAS. This new project illustrates the commitment of MAURIC for the development of green maritime solutions participating to the fight against climate change.

Neoliner, the greener cargo

The goal of Neoline SAS is to design and develop a transport solution which will drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases, while providing reliable, high quality, competitive service for shippers. The Neoliner 136m is a Ro-Ro cargo ship using sails as main propulsion system for the transport of cargo up to 6500T. Indeed, thanks to its innovative duplex rigging system, wind powering is more efficient.

After the preliminary design phase made by the shipowner, MAURIC and its partners (MER FORTE, AVELAJ) have been in charge to check the feasibility of the vessel concept and to propose both the development of technical solutions and optimisation studies of the concept. Innovative rigging systems have been studied; hull and general arrangement have been optimized in order to improve both performances and reliability of the vessel. As Naval Architect, MAURIC integrated the innovative solutions validated by MER FORTE, AVELAJ and NEOLINE into a complete and integrated basic design of 136m Ro-Ro Cargo ship. The main technical challenges for the naval architect consisted in integrating a set of four foldable rigs with a capacity of more 1000 m² wind sails on each, finding the best compromise between performances under sails and other rules and technical requirements (stability, mechanical propulsion, etc.) and define an energy-power production plant specifically adapted to such innovative design.

Thanks to the work done by MAURIC and its partners during the last twelve months, the project is now ready for a building tender phase. The Shipowner is also working on commercial development of the project and planning for its funding. In the last weeks, NEOLINE signed a partnership with the RENAULT GROUP for the transport of light and utility vehicles to Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. This is a strategic step in the development of partnership with shippers that confirm the interest of large companies for the Neoliner service relying on green solution. The first vessels will be hopefully ordered in 2019 and should sail on transoceanic routes before 2021! MAURIC is fully engaged in this project and shall continue to assist NEOLINE and the building shipyard selected during the next steps of the project.

Discover why NEOLINE chose MAURIC for the Development of 136m Neoliner Design

  • Why did you choose to work with MAURIC?

“We are located in the same city, Nantes, so first of all there is a geographic proximity, and also we belong to the NEOPOLIA network to which we both adhere. Indeed, MAURIC is the first naval architect of the network who believed in our project, but not only. MAURIC has a reputation of being agile on projects of complex and innovative professional vessels (with hydraulic systems, rigs, various propulsion systems, and various functions) and an appetite for innovation. If MAURIC got these projects, it's because you fought for them but first of all because you’re good.” Michel Pery, President of NEOLINE SAS.

  • What’s your feedback at the end of the design studies?

“What was really interesting was to find a design office that would agree to collaborate and respect our concept and our philosophy. With us, professionals of the maritime sector developing a very innovative project like NEOLINER with special features, there was this contribution from MAURIC which really helped to improve the design, we gained for example 15% additional loading surface between the initial concept and preliminary design developed with MAURIC. MAURIC really knew how to improve the whole project NEOLINER and how to proceed to the risk elimination at the same time.” Jean Zanuttini, Managing Director of NEOLINE SAS.

For more information about the project, visit NEOLINE website.