NEOLINE – NEOPOLIA letter of intent

Maritime Services & Transport
Maritime Services & Transport
11th July 2019
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MAURIC is at the forefront of NEOLINER project by collaborating with NEOLINE SAS since the beginning of the project more than five years ago. Last week, an important watershed happened with the signature of the Letter of Intent of purchase (LOI) between NEOLINE SAS and NEOPOLIA SAS, a company stem from NEOPOLIA cluster of companies.

Signature of the LOI and the upcoming stages of the project

Last Friday, the 5th of July, during the exhibition “La Mer XXL” in Nantes, NEOPOLIA signed a letter of intent with NEOLINE for the building of two 136m sailing transport cargo vessel NEOLINER.

NEOPOLIA is a network which brings together more than 200 industrial companies from the Pays de la Loire region, where Nantes’ office of MAURIC is based. NEOPOLIA runs 5 business clusters (Aerospace, Rail, MRE, Marine, and Oil & Gas) whose objective is to generate additional turnover for its members by working collaboratively. MAURIC is part of NEOPOLIA’s marine cluster. The shipyard consultancy phase began one year ago and even if NEOLINE Company wanted as much as possible a French conception and construction, the dimensions of the vessel do not allow French shipyards to handle the hull construction. As a result, 30% of the ship building will be made abroad, mainly the hull structure building.

The signature of this LOI, shall be followed by the signature of a contract next autumn allowing the numerous companies of NEOPOLIA cluster to start the studies and the industrial organization for the armament of the ship which is planned in Saint-Nazaire (France) and a delivery officially planned for end of 2021 for the first unit.

Since, the beginning of the consultancy, 3 well-known French companies already signed a partnership with NEOLINE: RENAULT, MANITOU and BENETEAU. The line is expected to open in 2022, where NEOLINER will load and deliver RENAULT cars, MANITOU equipment and BENETEAU ships from Saint-Nazaire, to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and then to Baltimore (USA). Two more stops are considered depending on the needs of future clients: Bilbao (Spain) and Charleston (USA).

In order to make regular transits (twice per month), the second unit of NEOLINER fleet should be engaged no later than six months after the first order.

MAURIC's contribution

From the initial concept of NEOLINER developed by the founders of NEOLINE, MAURIC developed the preliminary design and the technical specifications for the shipyard’s tender phase. This work consisted also in accompanying the shipowner for critical technical choices (propulsion, stability, mechanical,…) and equipment.

Currently, MAURIC is continuing the NEOLINER Development in collaboration with NEOPOLIA’s industrial partnership and project organization for the constitution of the working team. Moreover, the industrial strategy and process are a real challenge through the supplier interfaces management, costs evaluation, tasks repartition and planning between all the solutions providers.

MAURIC will be responsible for the complete 136m NEOLINER design package (class design package and detailed structure package). MAURIC will also be involved in the technical and project coordination, up to the ship delivery.