MAURIC's Tools : Focus on the 3D Scanner

07th August 2019
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MAURIC acquired recently a 3D Scanner for an improved quality control on newbuilding vessels and more precise measures on existing ones for reverse engineering and hull form or accommodation modelling.

New tool, new services for our clients

By acquiring this new tool, MAURIC can offer more comprehensive services to shipyards and shipowners. Indeed, this new tool enables the shooting from different viewing angles, by a digital laser, of the full ship geometry or only part of it (decks, engine rooms, bunkers,…), to proceed at the end in a highly precise 3D model. This accuracy is possible thanks to the range of the laser, from 0.6 to 70 meters, and a precision up to ± 1 mm.

Currently, the 3D scanner is used for two main applications. Firstly, after the construction of a vessel or a floating equipment in order to run a quality control by taking measures on the newbuilding, and to compare it with design plans. Secondly, we can use it in the case of refit projects (interior refit, hull modification) or complex system integration services. The 3D scanner makes possible having the full picture of the ship’s parts, its equipment and networks… As a consequence, we can obtain an accurate and “as built” modelling of the existing vessel even if plans are not available, or if the ship has experienced repairs or modifications since the construction. A third type of service consists in modelling the hull of an old existing vessel to process regulatory stability calculations required by Flag authorities or classification society, when the hull line plans are not available anymore.

The main advantages are the speed in execution and the accurate and visual data resulting from the scanning. Indeed, in few minutes, the 3D scanner collects millions of points on the surface of ship and equipment of extremely accurate data. Laser Scanner is also highly useful when part of the vessel are physically inaccessible.

How does MAURIC use the 3D scanner technique ?

Our scanner has been used on several type of vessels (frigates, oil tankers, etc.), but also harbour equipment such as the Floating Gate 420 as we can see on the pictures below. It toke almost 2 hours for the scanning and 2 more hours for the point cloud processing and analysis on the software. Then, we have been able to get an as-built configuration of the caisson lock gate that can be used for future updates of the model, comparisons with the initial forms or stability calculations, etc.


We also use the scanner on boats for which we did not have the plans, in order to obtain the hull modelling. You can see an example on the pictures below.



Hull modelling:


Other tools used on ships for accurate Ship Survey

MAURIC is also equipped with three other tools. First, the 360° camera that enables to have a comprehensive overview inside and outside the boat without blind spot. The camera is complementary to the 3D scanner, because while one provides an instantaneous 360° picture of the space considered or the room inside the vessel, the other provides a 3D model after post processing.

For its projects of ship’s modification or complex systems integration, MAURIC often needs to check the structural status of decks, hull parts or mechanical structures. For this we use the ultrasonic thickness meter. This small and high-performance asset enables to get the actual thickness of a bulkhead (walls or decks) by using ultrasound waves through metal structures.

Finally, MAURIC also uses during sea trials an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that allows measuring seakeeping characteristics (6 degrees of freedom), speed and manoeuvring performances. This IMU is used during the tests of MAURIC’s designs to independently qualify their performances or can be used within the scope of existing ship’s performance assessment (before and after refit, ship’s modification).These tools are ergonomic and travel with MAURIC’s Team worldwide on board vessels or to shipyards, for our various projects providing time-efficient and cost-effective services to our clients.

The complementarity of these tools (ultrasonic thickness meter, 3D scanner, inertial measurement unit) allows MAURIC enlarging its range of extensive services with the will to accompany its clients and partners in their more challenging projects.

                                                           Ultrasonic thickness meter                                            Internial Measurement Unit