Chrisdéric V: the latest Mediterranean tuna seiner

Marine Resources Harvesting
Marine Resources Harvesting
15th May 2018
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The new Mediterranean tuna seiner designed by MAURIC and built by the Naval Shipyard CN Martinez is at sea!

A long-awaited project

The delivery of the tuna seiner Chrisdéric V in St Cyprien by CN Martinez shipyard delighted their owners, Christophe and Frédéric Fontanet. This new vessel’s construction started in 2016 and the delivery, unfortunately delayed by the fire of the first hull, finally took place in April 2018.

The Fontanet brothers were until now owners of Chrisdéric II, a 30m steel purse seiner built for their father. Their new vessel is longer with 35 m length and 8.5 m width and can accommodate up to 12 fishermen. With 3 insulated fish holds for a total capacity of 100 m3, this vessel offers an ideal volume and storage quality.

The Fontanet shipowners chose French naval architects and naval shipyard for their project. Indeed, they declared to the newspaper Le Marin that they had the opportunity to work with Spain or Turkey but they prefered the French know-how, which is “more expensive” but “unmatched”.

Looking for quality and technical know-how

This new tuna purse seiner was built in polyester infusion, since Frédéric and Christophe Fontanet wanted to benefit from the best performances, and in particular to have a light but resistant vessel, in order to save considerable diesel fuel. The hull form, based on MAURIC’s know-how in the design of Mediterranean tuna fishing vessel and optimized with a large CFD numerical simulation campaign, allows a maximum speed of 15 knots for a propulsion power installed lower than 1000 Cv. The large aft deck is equipped with one 18 t.m and another 22 t.m crane to lift the huge fishing nets and a ramp for the launch and recovery and the storage of a 8 m skiff.

The Chrisdéric V already came back from its first bluefin tuna fishing campaign off the Balearic Islands, during which the crew enjoyed the comfort of the vessel at sea.

The entire MAURIC team is proud to have designed for the Fontanet Shipowners a reliable, efficient, economical and comfortable work tool. Thanks to the combined efforts of MAURIC and CN Martinez, Chrisdéric V will continue to make a living for ten families in Saint-Cyprien.