MAURIC offers solutions to Navies for Naval Support Vessels for a variety of support missions offshore or in Naval bases. Our vessel designs are customizable for specific operational requirements. MAURIC expertise in tailor-made design allows providing solutions for naval missions such as Surveillance, Protection, Towing, and Naval logistics.

Our range of Naval Support Vessel designs is currently composed by tugs, diving support vessels, naval base logistic barges and even Floating gates for naval base equipment.

Our solutions have the specificity to be completely tailor-made through their shape, hull form, propulsion, engine, equipment, and most of them are sea-proven. In designing Naval Support Vessels, MAURIC is focused on high level of manoeuvrability, operability and seakeeping. MAURIC expertise in marine engineering allows a high level of equipment and system integration and to design multi-mission and polyvalent solutions. Our specific design know-how for floating gates allows us to propose the exact solution adapted for interfacing with naval base infrastructures. We also attach a great importance to cost efficiency, offering vessels with low operating (fuel efficiency) and maintenance costs. Ergonomics of Naval Support Vessels is particularly important for this type of vessel to facilitates the operations and provide flexibility to tackle various operations with the same vessel. MAURIC includes in all its solutions key innovative technologies to offer state-of the art solutions, such as hybrid propulsion (hybrid barge 240) solutions for operations in Zero-Emission mode in Naval Base.


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