Marine Resources Harvesting

Marine Resources Harvesting

Marine Resources Harvesting

The sea is our passion but also the future of humanity. Marine Resources Harvesting becomes a major challenge for countries and industries. Ocean exploration and exploitation needs safe, reliable and efficient vessels capable to work offshore or in coastal areas.

MAURIC offer sea-proven or tailor-made vessel designs for Research and Survey missions or the Fishing markets. Key characteristics for vessels carrying research and survey or fishing at sea are operability comfort and safety. MAURIC designs vessels with high level(s) of safety, comfort and operability based on its expertise of naval architecture, a perfect knowledge of the latest technologies and equipment available and a strong experience of operations at sea thanks to the feedback of the happy owners of a MAURIC’s design. Because every survey mission is specific and every fisherman has its own method of fishing, but also because polyvalent vessels are always requested, we develop tailor-made solutions based on our large range of sea-proven designs. MAURIC offers safe, reliable and efficient vessel designs to meet your needs.

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