Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

MAURIC is not only providing drawings, we design ships that sails all over the world. As a consequence, we are involved from the basic design stage up to the detailed engineering studies of the project.

The shipbuilding know-how of our company allows MAURIC’s highly qualified and experienced engineers, naval architects and draughtmen to provide services for the detailed design of vessels and floating objects.

After the basic design stage and the definition of general arrangement of the vessel, main dimensions and performance assessment, MAURIC can focus on technical aspects, building process and detailed engineering studies. Indeed, the success of project is not only linked to the aesthetics of the vessel but also to the compliance to every performance required by the owner: speed, seakeeping, operability but also easy maintenance and durability whatever the specified weather conditions, sea state, or duration of exploitation. MAURIC team can follow the process of detailed structure engineering up to the delivery of assembly kits, ready for production and manage the installation of major equipment on board the vessel. MAURIC delivers execution plans and assembly booklets with nomenclatures to the shipyards in charge of the building of the vessel. Our team can also provide project management and technical support to both shipyards and owners, in order to contribute to the success of the project. Depending on the requirement of the construction shipyard, we adapt our scope of supply for project efficiency, maintaining our control on the complete ship project to ensure vessel’s performances up to the sea trials. We rely on experienced and reliable partners for piping or electricity studies and we deliver a full package for detailed studies to our customers.

MAURIC also provides marine engineering services to maritime industry and shipyards for ship modernization or modification’s projects, system integration or installation of equipment and special features into the vessel in the most optimized way.

We offer marine engineering services for specific projects of System Integration (specific types of propulsions & propellers, deck cranes or winches with particular specifications, communication systems, weapons systems…) on board existing or new vessels. Shipyards or equipment suppliers can entrust us for taking care of detailed engineering studies in perfect collaboration with their teams. This know-how and capacity of detailed engineering allows us to offer beyond ships, miscellaneous floating equipment such as floating pontoons or floating gates. Indeed, in addition to naval architecture competences, the design of such equipment requires high skills in marine engineering for detailed piping definition selection of equipment (hydraulics, electrical components, etc...) and structure design in order to guarantee the resistance of the equipment in various environmental and accidental conditions or even in case of earthquake. 

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