With the fast development of LNG powered vessels, small and medium size harbours and ports require LNG bunkering capabilities. MAURIC, in collaboration with SOFRESID Engineering (specialized in reliquefication engineering) and EUROPE TECHNOLOGY (specialized in cryogenic tanks) developed an innovative range of small LNG bunkering vessels: SHERPAZ.

The SHERPAZ range of LNG Bunkering Vessel answer to the request for safe compact, and reliable vessels capable of storing and delivering LNG from large LNG terminals to small ports and restrained areas, and allowing bunkering operations to all kind of LNG powered ships. SHERPAZ range is constituted by three different LNG Bunkering Vessels from 3000m3 to 6000m3 of cryogenic containment LNG capacities. The SHERPAZ range is based on a modular concept in terms of dimensions and capacities allowing adapting the design to the operational profile of the vessel. The SHERPAZ concept has been designed with a limited draft (< 5m) and breadth (< 18m) to access to small ports, shallow waters and limited areas.

SHERPAZ LNG Bunkering Vessel range is consistent with the SECA area regulations thanks to its pure gas propulsion, and also compliant with the future MARPOL emission rules. SHERPAZ is a highly innovative concept relying on safe and proven LNG cryogenic technology. The SHERPAZ LNG Bunkering Vessel concept has a single compact and standardized block with LNG tanks and transfer equipment optimized with regards to safe and quick LNG Bunkering operations. Various propulsion configurations are available depending on the final operational profile, in order to optimize the fuel consumption and manoeuvrability of the vessel. Various LNG tanks technology can be offered to find the perfect compromise to your operational requirements.

Our philosophy of easy and cost-efficient customization of our vessel designs has been applied when developing the concept of SHERPAZ LNG Bunkering Vessel range, in order to offer a cost efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solution to the LNG bunkering operators.


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