MAURIC developed Hydrographic Boat designs for harbour, coastal or riverine operations in shallow and sheltered waters. These designs are devoted to operations for six to eight hours maximum. The main design objective for such vessels is to make cost effective, manoeuvrable, easy to operate and easy to maintain platforms.

MAURIC Hydrographic Boats are polyvalent vessels equipped with various survey sensors consisting in leadlines, single beam sonars, side scan sonars and multibeam sonars. These systems are either deployed from the hydrographic boat or integrated directly onto the hull. For accurate survey, in addition to good manoeuvrability, MAURIC hydrographic boat have good seakeeping and course-keeping performances at low speeds. Either deployed from harbour or larger hydrographic vessels, monohull designs are preferred for integration issues. When larger aft deck areas are required, Survey Catamaran designs can be selected.

MAURIC offers cost efficient designs either in steel, aluminium or GRP, depending on the final client request. The general arrangement of our designs is optimized for the safe and fast deployment of survey sensors and even AUVs or ROVs thanks to A-frames or foldable masts. The ship bridge is designed for day-work operations with the survey room just at the back of the wheelhouse for easy communication between the crew and the hydrographic surveyors. The simple and strong design is adapted to intensive use and easy maintenance.

Our sea-proven designs of hydrographic boats between 10m to 19m are optimized for minimization of operating costs with low diesel power installed thanks to hull form optimization. Alternative designs with hybrid propulsion or full electric hydrographic vessels can also be proposed. Our mother company also proposes unmanned hydrographic survey launched with the INSPECTOR 90 USV.


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