MAURIC offers safe, green and efficient solutions for shipowners to meet the needs for environmentally friendly vessels. MAURIC Hybrid Pax 210 is a 21m full aluminium Passenger Vessel powered by a serial-hybrid propulsion architecture adapted to passenger shuttle and daily-cruise operations in coastal and protected areas. Hybrid Pax 210 is operating in Toulon Bay, on the Mediterranean French coastline for daily shuttle transport. The design of passenger saloon offers high level of accessibility, safety and comfort onboard for the crew and passengers. The main advantages of Hybrid Passenger design solutions are the low fuel consumption and the Zero Emission (ZE) mode obtained by using electric propulsion motors and a battery pack. We're able to provide you a customized design meeting your operational specifications and the local regulations based on our sea-proven hybrid solutions.

  • Vessel Type :                 Hybrid Passenger Vessel
  • Loa:                                 21.40 m
  • Cruising speed:             11 kts (ZE)
  • Endurance:                     2 hours @ 11kts (ZE)
  • Capacity:                        98 passengers

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