MAURIC is involved in the conception of various kinds of Passenger Vessel, from Fast Pax, to Hybrid Pax, Ropax or Sailing Pax. Our Hybrid Passenger Vessel designs are fully adapted to shuttle or cruise operations in coastal and protected areas for shipowners looking for Zero-Emission modes, reduced fuel consumption and high level of comfort on board with very low level of noise and vibration.

Since 2010, we built a strong experience in Hybrid Ships design with two typical power architecture and propulsion configuration: First we developed with power management systems experts a hybrid parallel propulsion configuration based on a specific gearbox allowing the coupling of diesel engines and electric motors on the same shaft line. The first MAURIC hybrid passenger vessel HELIOS was launched in 2012 with hybrid parallel configuration allowing fast cruise up to 20kts running on diesel engines and slow boat rides running on electric motors powered by a battery powerpack. In 2014, we designed two hybrid-serie passenger vessels: L’estello and Longo Maï with a propulsion system comprising two electric motors powered either by a pack of batteries in Zero Emission (ZE) mode, or by a diesel genset in diesel electric (DE) mode. In ZE mode, two powerful batteries packs of 85 kwh each, feed the electric motors.

These sea-proven designs are the basis of MAURIC’s range of Hybrid Passenger Vessels constituted by 6 sea-proven vessels from 20 to 23 meters long built in Aluminium or composite and able to welcome up to 200 passengers.

From this range, we can create a tailor-made Hybrid Passenger Vessel meeting the regulations of the area in which the vessel is going to operate and customized to your operational requirements: length, material, passenger’s capacities, speed in diesel or zero emission mode, equipment and special features. As for conventional Passenger Vessels, we are highly oriented towards accessibility, comfort and safety on board. Thus, we ensure excellent seakeeping and a minimum wake generation thanks to an optimized hull form and excellent reliability and operability with the choice of sea-proven hybrid technologies (batteries, motors, power management systems, etc…). Our hybrid vessels are also characterized by a high level of manoeuvrability thanks to the electric motors efficiency and reactivity.

Committed to offer to the maritime industry greener, safer and more efficient solutions, we are designing more and more Hybrid Ships for every kind of duty at sea (patrol boats, workboats, pilot boats...). Our sea-proven hybrid passenger vessel range offers to shipowner ready to build solutions with zero-emission mode, excellent acoustic comfort and reduced fuel consumption.


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