MAURIC also proposes solutions to fishermen willing to perform coastal fishing using gill nets or longline fishing techniques.

MAURIC offers customized design solutions for coastal fishing vessels based on safe, stable and efficient hull forms. We provide our extensive know-how and experience in the design of fishing vessels to fishermen for their custom new projects. Our gill netters and longliners hull forms are optimized with regards stability, resistance and propulsion, either with monohull solutions or catamaran hull forms. Our expertise in hull form design using CFD simulation and extensive database allows us proposing cost efficient designs with an optimized power architecture. For all our fishing vessel designs, the key characteristics is the safety of fishermen at sea. We contribute to this safety at sea by proposing stable hull form and safe working deck arrangement based on fishermen return of experience during design stage. To make the vessel profitable, constant effort is made with regards to fuel consumption optimization, which lead us to consider conventional solutions or more innovative ones such as foils for the polyvalent fishing catamaran in order to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance.

We can propose solutions in steel, aluminium or composite depending on the operational and maintenance requirements of customers and the choice of building shipyard. We adapt the fishing equipment and refrigeration systems to your fishing techniques to optimize the fish capture quality and the earning revenue.

Our design solutions of 18m Coastal Gill netters and Longliners are perfectly adapted to fishermen looking for modern but robust fishing vessel designs adapted to one or two day fishing campaigns with a limited crew on board.


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