MAURIC relying on its experience of Purse Seiners developed a project of large Freezer Purse Seiner adapted for oceanic fishing.

Sustainability being a major concern for large fishing companies, and the main energy consumers of the vessel being not only propulsion engines but also freezing plant and other fishing trawls and deck equipment, we propose a diesel electric energy and propulsion configuration allowing optimising in real time the energy production and consequently the fuel consumption. Combined with an optimized hull form providing low hydrodynamic resistance, good stability and exceptional seakeeping performances (taking into account parametric roll risk). The hybrid propulsion configuration allows reducing the fuel costs and optimizing profitability of the vessel and at the same time reducing the gas emissions of the vessel.

Our design includes one or two aft ramps for the launch and recovery of fishing skiffs, and a large fish hold capacity (> 1400 m3 with fish wells at -10°C or -20°C) optimized for the constraint tonnage of the vessel. Because fishermen spend weeks onboard in the harsh conditions of south Indian, Pacific or Atlantic oceans, our modern design includes large and comfortable living quarters for the captain and the crew with low level of noise of vibration (COMF-Noise 2 and COMF-Vib2). The ergonomics of the aft working deck and the living quarters has been defined with the shipowner, benefiting from its operational experience. Reliability of the design is optimized based on our know-how, in coordination with the building shipyard and the shipowner’s makers’s list, and we also consider the maintenance aspects of the vessel proposing robust and sea-proven equipment.

MAURIC’s Freezer Purse Seiner designs offer safe, environmentally friendly and cost efficient solutions to shipowners and shipyards.


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