FIREBOAT 240 is a Fireboat dedicated to fire fighting and rescue operations in harbour and coastal areas. Based on MAURIC’s extensive knowhow in the design of rescue boats, MAURIC FIREBOAT 240 operates efficiently and safely by any sea state thanks to her excellent seakeeping, stability and manoeuvrability performances. The extensive capacity of the FiFi monitors and Fifi pumps allows intervention on vessels in fire, or even buildings in fire located on the coastline. The 5.5 m RHIB at the aft deck of the vessel makes Fireboat 240 more polyvalent and efficient during operations. Two units of this sea-proven and cost-effective fire fighting vessel design is already in operation in Marseille harbour and city, and offers great flexibility, operability and reliability to lifeguards, coastguards or police.

  • Vessel Type :         Fireboat
  • Loa:                         24.90 m
  • Max speed:            12.5 kts
  • Capacity:                3 crew + 13 firemen/castaways
  • FiFi Capacity:        2 x 600m3/h

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