MAURIC has developed a large range of Fast Supply Vessels for offshore Oil and Gas sector for fast and safe transport of personnel and dry & liquid cargo to offshore platforms. Half-way between the Crew boats and Platform Supply Vessels, the Fast Supply Vessels (FSV) are also called Fast Supply and Intervention Vessels (FSIV). They are characterized by a large cargo capacity, sometimes combined to a large passenger capacity, and more importantly a capacity to transport cargo at relatively high speed for urgent transport operations to offshore platforms.

These FSV are either with steel or aluminium hulls but our expertise in fast aluminium vessels allows us to propose high deck cargo capacities and high speed. The quality of our hull form allows optimizing the fuel consumption of the FSVs over the all speed range and to maintain high speed in relatively high sea states. Our expertise in the field of fast offshore vessels allows us to propose optimized designed in terms of cargo capacity, cruising speed, fuel consumption and structure reliability. This last point is crucial in the field of Fast Supply Vessels, which are operated in harsh environment, carrying heavy cargo weights. MAURIC’s Fast Supply Vessel designs offers safety and reliability by the choice of equipment and our structure scantling.

With a variety of Sea-Proven Fast Supply Vessels between 40m to 60m, capable of carrying up to 115 pax and 550t of cargo (dry and liquid), MAURIC Fast Supply Vessels have unmatched performances in their range and constitute cost efficient solutions for fast transport of cargo and personnel. Their maximum speeds lightship are between 25 kts and 30 kts, when their cruising speed full load are in the range of 17 kts to 20 kts. More importantly, our designs are able to maintain their high speed in waves thanks to special hull forms, maintaining operability and frequency of transfers for the gain of the ship operator and its clients. We can adapt and customized the designs to the operational requirements (pax and cargo capacity, cruising speed, DP1 or DP2, etc…)

Safety and comfort of passengers during transit are obtained thanks to an optimization of seakeeping performances (MAURIC’s special fast displacement hull form). High level of manoeuvrability and station keeping capabilities are required for safe transfer of cargo from the vessels to the platforms. 

MAURIC’s Fast Supply Vessels are operated 365 days a year and their operability and availability are the result of twenty years of innovation and reliable technology integration in order to propose to our clients safe, efficient and cost-efficient solutions for their business.


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