MAURIC has developed a large range of Fast Patrol Boats designed for Surveillance and Protection missions of coastal and territorial waters or critical infrastructures such as naval bases, harbours and terminals, offshore oil and gas sites, Search and Rescue missions in coastal or riverine areas and Interception missions against smugglers and pirates. Indeed, these vessels totally meet the needs of Coast guards, Customs, Naval Forces, Police, Fishery Police or even Private Protection Companies.

MAURIC has a long-standing experience in designing Fast Patrol Boats as André Mauric, the founder of the company, initiated MAURIC activity around the design of Fast Patrol and Service Vessel in 1945. Since then MAURIC constantly developed a specific know-how in the design of hull forms for high speed vessels and the integration of reliable and efficient engines and propulsion systems. More than 25 Vessels designed by MAURIC have been launched since 2000 and are in operation in French SNSM, Guardia civil in Spain, IMPA in Angola...

Our range of Fast Patrol Boats is currently composed by 12 to 22 meters long boats, built in Aluminium, GRP or Steel, depending on your preferences and needs. Our range extends from High Speed Patrol Boats (> 30kts) to Ultra High Speed Patrol Boats (>54kts) and Interceptors.

But if maximum speed is an important characteristic for this kind of boat, the capability to maintain high speed by high sea state, while maintaining crew comfort onboard offers superior operability. MAURIC Fast Patrol Boats are renowned for their high manoeuvrability, good operability and sea keeping by high speed and high sea states and benefit for years of research and development programs and our customers operational feedbackMoreover, specifically for Search and Rescue missions, we can propose unsinkable and self-righting designs. As, we attach a great importance to design cost efficient vessels, we optimize hull form and propulsion configuration for offering low operating (low resistance for fuel efficiency) and maintenance costs.

Our sea-proven solutions constitute reliable and versatile platforms for a tailor-made solution adapted to your operational constraints and requirements. Our designs can be adapted in terms of shape, hull form, propulsion and engine configuration, surveillance and armament equipment for the success of your missions.


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