Fast Landing Crafts are specific naval vessels participating to Amphibious and Supporting operations. These vessels meet the needs of Naval Forces for different kinds of mission with the main objective to transfer assets and equipment from the sea to the shore in the most efficient and safe way: Humanitarian Actions, Natural Disasters, Conflicts and Raids in hostile environments.

MAURIC, with its strong experience in designing Naval Vessels participated to the development of CNIM EDA-R, a Ro-Ro Catamaran equipped with two different modes, high speed catamaran or low draught landing craft solution, already in operation in French Navy and Egyptian Navy. From the initial studies of the L-CAT prototype to the optimization of the final design of EDA-R, MAURIC provided its expertise to CNIM in the crucial fields of hydrodynamics and structure design. This innovative design redefining the state-of the art of amphibious vessels required extensive work to achieve exceptional performances.

As the distance between the large amphibious ships and the theatre of operations has increased, MAURIC innovative solutions for fast landing crafts with high speed and large payload capacity are the perfect solution. They can be customized with various weapons, communication or surveillance systems, to the exact operational requirements of the navies.


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