CNIM EDA-R is a 30m full aluminium Fast Catamaran Landing Craft designed for shore-to-shore missions, or can be deployed from the mistral class amphibious ships. With its fore and aft ramps, she is a full Ro-Ro Vessel. She can transport at 18 kts, weapons systems, equipment, cargo and personnel (up to 80T). EDA-R is also equipped with a hydraulic elevating platform between the hulls. This Sea-Proven Vessel has been designed for French Navy and offers versatility and reliability to its shipowners.

  • Vessel Type:             Fast Landing Craft
  • Loa:                            30.00 m
  • Cruising speed:        18 kts
  • Max speed:               25 kts
  • Endurance:               1000 nm @ 15 kts
  • Crew:                         8

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