Naval Forces

Naval Forces

With an extensive experience in the design of efficient hull forms, the know-how integration of complex naval systems and the experience of customization of vessel designs, MAURIC offers a wide range of sea-proven and innovative solutions to naval forces.

For decades, MAURIC is at the side of navies offering tailor-made reliable and efficient naval vessel designs from 10m to 90m. Either for patrol and surveillance missions, amphibious operations or the training of crews, MAURIC offers sea-proven designs to be adapted to your operational requirements. MAURIC’s range of naval vessels covers offshore patrol vessels, fast patrol boats, training boats, fast combat support vessels, fast landing crafts or support vessels. Because operability is the key factor of naval vessels for ensuring superiority at sea, MAURIC focused its development efforts on the design of efficient and fast hull forms providing superior seakeeping performances. Our vessels are designed to allow you optimizing the efficiency of the sensors, effectors and crew onboard our naval platforms. Our ship design process includes extensive CFD calculations to optimize resistance and propulsion performances of our designs and Wave basin tests to validate the ship motions and accelerations in key points of our naval platform. When operational requirements are stringent, we integrate in our solutions state-of-the art anti-roll stabilization systems such as fin stabilizers, anti-roll tanks and gyrostabilizers to achieve unrivalled performances.

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