MAURIC Crew Transfer Vessels are dedicated to the Marine Renewable Energy sector where these fast vessels are deployed during the installation, operational and maintenance phases to transfer personnel and light cargo parcels on the offshore fields (Offshore Wind Farms). MAURIC proposes Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) designs to ship operators who are looking for operability, reliability and performances. Our Crew Transfer Vessels are cost efficient solutions that allows you to maximize your presence on the offshore field thanks to their exceptional seakeeping performances. 

Our extensive know-how in the field of catamaran hull form design allows us to propose smart and efficient hull form adapted to the sea conditions that your crew will face during operations. Our designs integrate decades of hydrodynamics development to obtain optimized hull form for seakeeping in transit and during boat landing and to minimize the fuel consumption.

Capable to transfer 12 or 24 passengers and up to 10T of cargo on the deck, our CTV designs are safe and reliable solutions for the development of Marine Renewable Energy sector. With full aluminium structures, we can propose FPP, CPP or waterjets propulsion configurations and adapt our designs equipment to your maintenance constraints. Our Crew Transfer Vessels, thanks to their exceptional seakeeping capabilities allows you optimizing your operability by increasing the sea conditions where you can operate. Their exceptional manoeuvrability and station keeping characteristics make them the ideal Wind Farm Vessel for crew transfer operations.

Because, safety and comfort of onboard passengers being a key parameter, we integrate saloon area on shock absorbers to drastically reduce the noise and vibrations levels. We also pay special attention to the ergonomics of the boat landing area for safety of operation and can integrate on demand, motion compensated gangways or active fender systems.

As you operate 365 days a year, with our CTV designs we propose to ship operators cost-efficient, safe and reliable solutions offering optimized operability at sea.


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