CREW BOAT 360 is a full aluminium fast crew boat dedicated to crew transport to oil and gas offshore platforms. Based on MAURIC’s expertise in the design of aluminium fast craft, MAURIC CREW BOAT 360 has exceptionnal performances with a cruise speed above 40kts that can be maintained by high sea-states with good comfort onboard thanks to a passenger saloon resiliantly mounted and first class seats. Her three waterjets configuration provides exceptional manoeuvrability for safety of boat landing operations. This sea-proven design already in operation on western coast of Africa competes with helicopter transfer thanks to her exceptional speed and provides performance, reliability and cost-efficiency to ship-operators and oil and gas companies.

  • Vessel Type:             Crewboat
  • Loa:                            36.30 m
  • Max speed:               44 kts
  • Cruising speed:        >40 kts
  • Endurance:               500 nm @ 40 kts
  • Capacity:                  50 pax + 2T dry cargo

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