Consultancy & Technical Support

Consultancy & Technical Support

MAURIC has an extensive experience in consultancy for shipowners, ship operators and naval equipment suppliers. We also provide technical support to shipyards during construction phase or naval architecture training sessions to professionals of the maritime or naval industry sector.

Consultancy and Technical Support is englobing many types of services for which MAURIC’s team offers her expertise and know-how in naval architecture, marine engineering, shipbuilding, ship performance assessment, ship technology.

We’re sharing our expertise with shipowners, ship operators and state organizations and not only regarding new vessels projects. Indeed, MAURIC provides for decades consultancy services within the scope of its own activities as Naval Architect of new vessels but also for the refit of existing ships or the building and survey of any floating equipment. Over the years we gained an extensive experience of technical assistance requirements for any kind of ship’s project relying on our experts, and numerical and experimental tools.

MAURIC supervise building or refitting of vessels as technical assistant, in order to guarantee to the customers that the work will be done according to the usual “règles de l’art” of the marine industry, the regulations and the exact owner’s specifications.

3D scanner, reverse engineering techniques, inertial measurement unit, we have the tool to tackle your problem.

Whatever your consultancy request, MAURIC can offer you a tailor-made solution thanks to our performant tools and our strong know-how in marine engineering and naval architecture. Controlling vessel’s infrastructures regularly is a key aspect for a shipowner. Before starting a vessel modification project or modernization works, we can offer you our analysis of the status of the vessel thanks to a ship survey. Our sea trial tests, 3D-scanner and retro-engineering techniques can provide the solution that you are looking for. 

Our training programs dedicated to your employees may also interest you. The shipowner’s or shipyard’s staff sometimes have the aim to increase their knowledge in naval architecture: vocabulary, regulations, vessel’s types, general issues/problems, stability, propulsion… MAURIC can provide turn-key solutions of training courses that will facilitate in the future the communication and the cooperation between your team and naval architects or shipyards.

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