MAURIC has designed several Buoy tender vessels specialized for handling navigation buoys and beacons (maintenance of equipment, replacement, checking of chains, ballasts, etc.). They are also in charge of maintenance work and transfer of personnel to the sea headlights. These vessels are usually fitted with a high capacity deck crane and a large aft working deck, close to the waterline, in order to comply with the requirements of maritime operators, harbour authorities or offshore companies. Thanks to their aft strengthened deck and crane, they can also be proposed for any mission of work at sea, where it is required to propose a vessel with deck load storage capacity and lifting at sea.

MAURIC Buoy Tenders are well known for their manoeuvrability performances (most of them can be proposed with Dynamic Positioning system) sea keeping, and ergonomic working areas, allowing safe operations at sea. 32m up to 47m long MAURIC Buoy tenders have been launched since 2000, in particular, two of the latest Offshore Buoy Tenders for the French Administration “Phares et Balises”: Armorique and Chef de Caux.

MAURIC Buoy tenders are designed and built in Steel or Aluminium, depending of Owner’s requirements. On the basis of its sea-proven designs, MAURIC can also propose customized solutions with various type of speed, propulsion arrangement, engines, superstructure arrangements. MAURIC attaches a great importance to the efficiency and safety of operations at sea of its buoy tender designs. Particularly in this vessel’s range, MAURIC is also always searching for more efficient and innovative solutions such as azimuthal propellers, dynamic positioning, automatic lashing systems, etc.


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