MAURIC is one of the very few naval architecture and marine engineering company to have developed in the last decades a key expertise in complex system integration onboard marine and naval platforms. We see ourselves not only as naval architects and marine engineers but also as marine systems integrators.

A long history in complex system integration

From its roots in ocean racing yacht and fast craft designs, MAURIC developed specific competences in advanced and innovative rigging and propulsion system integration. In 1986, with the project of Alcyone vessel of Cousteau’s foundation, MAURIC integrated Cousteau’s Turbosails onboard a 32m Monocat. Later on, in 1989, MAURIC entered into the naval system engineering with the integration of a complex anti-air combat system on board a 50m long patrol vessel: IRIS. More recently, MAURIC participated in numerous projects of hybrid (diesel-electric) vessels and developed specific know-how in the integration of hybrid energy and propulsion systems for passenger and patrol vessels. Nowadays, MAURIC’s expertise in complex systems integration on board naval platform is also renowned from major naval system equipment suppliers. We deliver to them complete solutions for system integration from engineering studies up to system physical integration’s works.

Advanced systems integration for ship performance and safety optimization

Today, being a naval architect is no longer limited to the design of hulls, general arrangement plans and the midship section calculations. In order to design an efficient vessel, the challenge is to integrate in an optimized way all the equipment and systems on board. In other words, the ultimate objective is to find the perfect equation between design and engineering to ensure performance, operability and comfort on board. From our understanding of client’s operational requirements and our knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies we propose optimized ship designs adapted to the maritime challenges of today and tomorrow.  We can also offer ship modification or modernization services from technical assistance up to project contracting for civil or naval projects.

To deliver such optimized designs, we have a systemic approach relying on our proficiency in hydrodynamics, our extensive database of towing tank tests, our use of state-of-the-art tools such as performing CAD software, Computational Fluid Dynamics and virtual reality tools.

Preparing ships of the future

Since our presence within ECA GROUP we have opportunities to develop projects of integration of marine robotic systems from ECA GROUP onboard civil or naval vessels. In few years, lots of boats will be equipped with underwater autonomous vehicles (AUV), surface robots (USV) or even aerial robots (UAV). We’re ideally positioned to offer the conception or adaptation of vessels dedicated to the deployment of autonomous systems. On the other side, our extensive experience in the design of hybrid vessels and our continuous work within the field of innovative energy and propulsion systems integration such as LNG, hydrogen or new sails devices, makes us capable to offer to shipowners and shipyards the most advanced designs for greener or more economical vessels. This philosophy of integration of state-of-the-art technologies allows us to include more and more intelligence in our designs to support various tasks:

  • Optimize energy production and consumption
  • Control ship's position with great precision
  • Control its sea-keeping qualities in roll
  • Control its list, its trim
  • Respond intelligently to a possible damage

This allows to design vessels with improved energy efficiency, improved operability and optimized performances…always consistent with the construction and operation constraints of our partners…in a word, to deliver ships of the future.